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Blog Post - Chicken Short Film

My name is Isabelle - I’m a Vancouver-based film producer. As a filmmaker, I strive to give voice to storytellers from all walks of life, including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and female-identifying folks.

My most recent project is a short film called Chicken, and this was the first time I worked with the Down Syndrome community, including the wonderful Richmond Special Olympics team. Chicken is a film about two siblings that find common ground through heartbreak. The brother, Emmett (played by Aaron Waddingham) has Down syndrome, and unlike many films, having Down Syndrome isn’t the central focus of the film’s story, or the main conflict. Rather, Emmett is a deep and complex character that we get to see in all of his pain and glory. The climax scene involves Emmet playing a Special Olympics baseball game, and we had the honour of having the Richmond team volunteer on a beautiful Autumn Sunday afternoon.

I was floored by the energy, enthusiasm, and inclusiveness of this group. Every single athlete contributed to the positive vibe on set. The lovely Adam Warren helped me coordinate each scene, having the athletes play ball or hang out in dugout while our cameraman shot different scenes. The athletes were total pros! It was an experience I will never forget, and we literally could not have made this film without them. Chicken is being submitted to international festivals for a 2022 release: we will be sure to share details of the premiere!

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